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IFRS® Foundation Conference: London 2019

Live Streamed Sessions available On Demand until 31st July

Conference Agenda - Friday

Better Communication—what the Board is doing to improve communication in Financial Reporting

This session will provide an overview of the Board's current projects that aim to improve communication in financial reports.

Nick Anderson, Member, IASB
Kathryn Donkersley, Technical staff, IASB
Russ Houlden, CFO , United Utilities Group PLC
Janice Lingwood, Consulting Director, Superunion
Peter Reilly, Equity Research, Jefferies International Limited
Ben Yeoh, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Equities, RBC Global Asset Management
Coffee break
Electronic reporting – Why everyone should care about the IFRS Taxonomy

The IFRS Taxonomy facilitates the electronic reporting of IFRS information and is required to be used by a number of regulators around the world. This session will provide participants with an introduction to the IFRS Taxonomy explaining what it is, how it is used and why it is important.

Ann Tarca, Member, IASB
Lou Rohman, Vice President, Structured Data Services, Toppan Merrill
Suzanne Morsfield, Director, Investment Community Analytics
John Turner, Chief Executive Officer, XBRL International

Break-out sessions

1. Project update: Business Combinations under Common Control

2. Project update: Goodwill and Impairment

3. Project update: Management Commentary

4. Implementation and application of IFRS Standards: hot topics

Workshop Background
Francoise Flores, Member, IASB
Yulia Feygina, Technical staff, IASB
Simone Villa, Technical staff, IASB

This session will provide an overview on the Business Combinations under Common Control project, outlining the Board’s current thinking on the accounting for business combinations under common control and the Board’s plans for the future consultation document.

Workshop Background
Takatsugu Ochi, Member, IASB
Tim Craig, Technical staff, IASB

This session will provide an overview on the Goodwill and Impairment project, including a preview of the topics to be addressed in a future consultation document.

Workshop Background
Gary Kabureck, Member, IASB
Matthew Chapman, Technical staff, IASB
Marie Claire Tabone, Technical staff, IASB

This session will cover the Board’s plans for updating IFRS Practice Statement 1 Management Commentary to support investor assessments of companies’ sustainable prospects and of stewardship.

It will provide an update on the work of the IFRS Management Commentary Consultative Group and explain how the Board’s work on this project will relate to the broader area of corporate reporting, including reporting on intangible resources and relationships and environmental, social and governance issues.

Workshop Background
Sue Lloyd, Vice-Chair, IASB
Patrina Buchanan, Technical staff, IASB
Nicolette Lange, Technical Staff, IASB
Gustavo Olinda, Technical Staff, IASB

The session is designed to provide the audience with an update on the Board’s and Interpretations Committee’s work in supporting the implementation and application of IFRS Standards.

It will focus on:

  • recent and ongoing topics being discussed by the Interpretations Committee
  • recently published agenda decisions that explain how an entity applies the Standards to particular fact patterns
  • narrow-scope standard setting projects
Getting the best from IFRS 9 Financial Instruments and IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers
  • Preparers view—benefits from applying IFRS 9?
  • Investors perspective—have financial reports met expectations?
Mary Tokar, Member, IASB
Manus Costello, Global Head of Research, Autonomous
Katie Murray, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, RBS
Bertrand Perrin, Director, Accounting Standards and Special Projects, Vivendi
Jeremy Stuber, Global Equity Analyst, Newton Investment Management
Q&A session with IASB Members and staff
  • A quick-fire round with Board members and staff answering questions submitted electronically by delegates—via SLIDO—during the two-day conference
Mary Tokar, Member, IASB
Hans Hoogervorst, Chair, IASB
Sue Lloyd, Vice-Chair, IASB
Nili Shah, Executive Technical Director, IASB
End of conference